There are a number of frequently-asked questions regarding ONScripter-EN and PONScripter, so Uncle is finally making a FAQ page for them.  Feel free to comment on this page with questions you think should be addressed here.


  1. I have an NScripter game that I’m trying to run using ONScripter, but nothing happens when I start onscripter-en.  What’s wrong with it?
    You are probably missing the required font file, “default.ttf”.  This zip archive contains a font file based on the freely-available Linux Sazanami font, which should do the job for most games.  Put the ‘default.ttf’ into your game directory and restart onscripter-en.
  2. I get the following error when I try to run onscripter-en: “Could not find the font file ‘default.ttf’.”
    See answer to #1.
  3. Playback

  4. My NScripter game had a menubar where I can change the text speed and windowed/fullscreen settings, or have it skip through a scene.  How do I do these things in ONScripter?
    ONScripter doesn’t support menubars at this time, but you can use keystrokes to accomplish the same tasks — check this list of keystroke commands.
  5. I was playing a game using ONScripter-EN, and all of a sudden there’s no sound!  How do I get it back?
    You probably hit the ‘M’ key, which toggles muting the sound.  Try hitting it again and see if the sound comes back.
  6. I was playing a game using ONScripter, and all of a sudden it’s showing entire pages of text all at once instead of displaying them a bit at a time.  What’s happening?
    It’s possible that the game is doing that intentionally (i.e. using a textspeed of 0 at that point in the story), but you may have hit the ‘O’ key, which toggles ‘page-at-once’ mode.  Try hitting it again and see if any further text display is back to normal.
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15 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Jean says:

    I clicked the link, but the page that it led me to said “Page error, not found.” I can’t play my translated otome game without the file. I need help, please!

  2. shado says:

    Hey, i was wondering, where are your save files located for androids version of onscripter, and is there a way to bring over saves that i have on my pc to make them work on my android?

    Example: could i bring over saves from MGQ part 1 2 or 3 and use them on my android?

  3. crysis99 says:

    Could you please port onscripter-en to iOS? The builds by ipodons do not run many english games and the ones by 0nec are not compatible with ios 5 and above since UIPushButton is now deprecated, so it will just crash. Also the original vannila onscripter will crash whenever it sees a question mark in the script. Please port it to iOS!

  4. Keichi says:

    Is there still any development in ponscripter or onscripter? It’s a bit strange that there was over a Year now no new Release. :/

    And i really need the rgosub or r_trap function in ponscripter for my script ;__;

  5. guillem says:

    do you have planned to make an Android version of Onscripter.
    Because i would like to play my “Le sanglot des cigales” visual novel on Android (nexus 7).


    • Yirba says:

      There are already Android builds of ONScripter available elsewhere on the Internet. Le sanglot des cigales, however, uses PONScripter instead of ONScripter, for which there is no Android build that I know of, unfortunately.

  6. Kittivit says:

    can ONscripter be run on any other languages other than English?

    • Yirba says:

      ONScripter-EN can. However, the language must be compatible with the SHIFT_JIS character set. If absolutely necessary, PONScripter may be used, which supports the UTF-8 character set.

  7. ANGRY says:

    Could you, PLEASE, tell us where the %µ£* are the save game files ?
    Could you, PLEASE, tell us what are the options of the command line ?
    Could you, PLEASE, tell us how to set up ons.cfg ?

    Do I need to read your %µ£* sources to find out ?

    Stop messing with my computer without telling me what you’re doing.

    Thank you.

    • Yirba says:

      Hello ANGRY,

      Save files are located in your system’s “application data” directory. This can vary depending on the operating system you are using. However, it will usually be called something like “Application Data”, “Program Data”, or “Application Support”.

      As for configuration, you can find a list of options on the ONScripter-EN wiki where you will also find information on how to create an ons.cfg file.

      Please let us know if you require any more assistance using ONScripter-EN.

  8. Asuka says:

    Okay so I am trying to work with someone on an English patch of their game which is in French. The problem is all the text in PONscripter isn’t showing up as french it is showing up as a jumbled mess of characters and symbols even when I change the script it does nothing. I’ve tried opening it in ONscripter but it says their is no game script. How can I fix this problem.

    • Yirba says:

      If you wish to use PONScripter, try saving the script in Unicode format with the filename “0.utf” in the same folder as where the PONScripter.exe is.

      If you wish to use ONScripter, you will need to save the script in SHIFT_JIS format with the filename “0.txt” in the same folder as where the ONScripter.exe is.

      However, note that if the game was originally written for PONScripter, there may be problems running it in ONScripter.

  9. The Cruel says:

    Hello Mion,

    I downloaded both Higurashi and Higurashi Kai in the original japanese version. I tried the newest developement of the ONscripter-EN, put the default.ttf in the engish file too, made a ons.cfg file and nothing did changed by the language. Do I need something more that runs these VN’s in english ?

    • Yirba says:

      At this time, the only complete translation of Higurashi and Higurashi Kai is available from MangaGamer. This uses the Buriko General Interpreter (BGI), which runs independently of NScripter and ONScripter-EN. It does not require the original Japanese versions.

      If you are trying to use Sonozaki Futago-tachi’s fan translation, which translates Onikakushi-hen, portions of Watanagashi-hen and the minigames, instructions are available at Sonozaki Futago-tachi’s website. Note that this is a partial translation and only translates a small portion of the story.

      In short, if you wish to play Higurashi and Higurashi Kai in full and in English, you will need MangaGamer‘s release. Downloadable and hardcopy versions are available.

  10. ever17 says:

    I hear about run onscripter game’s on psp, it’s true?
    If yes, how to do it?

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