The following are games known to work with ONScripter-EN and/or PONScripter, with needed command-line options:

ONScripter-EN Compatible NScripter Games:

In general, it’s safest to use option “––japanese” when running original Japanese NScripter games

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – parts 1 & 2 fully tested
    use option “––allow-break-outside-loop”
  • うみねこのなく頃に Umineko no Naku Koro ni (& Chiru) – fully tested
    exception: doesn’t play Umineko OP 2 (since AVI video)
    PDA archive conversion rules (should work for any of Ep1-5)
  • Killer Queen (trial) – tested menus, first few pages
    use options “––allow-color-type-only”, “––set-tag-page-origin-to-1″, “––answer-dialog-with-yes-ok”
  • Secret Game -Killer Queen- (depth edition) Vol 1 – tested menus, first few pages

Know of a game not on this list, or have a compatibility issue to report?  Leave a comment on this page!

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11 Responses to “Compatibility”

  1. Achii says:

    Hello Mion-san, I have been using your onscripter for a chinese game called Bluebird’s Illusion. The text and everything displays nicely until it reaches this point:

    after this command:
    wave “wave\beizi-noice.wav”:wait 2000

    and this dialogue was supposed to happen:

    “Brother, come on. Do you want to be late?” \

    An error appears as this:
    I can’t seem to find this array error and the | isn’t displaying in notepad, word or notepad++. I also pasted the list of in-game config over here:

    I read the instructions and commands before asking this but I’m really stuck. I also don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but since this is compatibility tab <:3c
    I'm sorry for disturbing, but I am wondering where did I go wrong?

    • Achii says:

      I also forgot to mention that I tried it with PONscripter and it works perfectly well (aside from the text issue where it doesn’t support two byte characters <:3c)

    • mion says:

      Hi Achii,

      Thanks for asking. The quickest way to correct that bug in ONScripter-EN is to put a ` at the start of each text cmd:
      `“Brother, come on. Do you want to be late?” \

      The error is happening because without the ` at the start, the text cmd is in double-byte mode, and in that mode the ? is a special character used for displaying an array value, normally like so:
      This is to preserve compatibility with NScripter games.

      Note that Ponscripter uses a different character (^) at the start of text cmds, but in general it’s best to always have that starting text marker character if you don’t need the game to run on NScripter.

      Uncle Mion

  2. Orophin says:

    I just finished Tsukihime using the latest ONScipter release (20100518) and everything worked perfectly.

  3. Pantamorph says:

    A “big” list indeed! ^^
    What about Insani games?
    Narcissu (duh)
    Binary Pot

    • mion says:

      Alrighty, so do you personally vouch for those? ^^
      You’re welcome to mention what games work fine, so I can add them to the list.

      Uncle Mion

      • tatose says:

        So far on the 2011-09 version of onscripter (both OSX and Windows32bits /w directsound):

        Giniro (the dvd version /w engrish scripts) works but unable to start from fullscreen, does not exit properly (via the titlescreen) using OSX binary build.
        Tsukihime (/w and w/o translation) works.
        Kagetsu Tohya (/w and w/o translation) works but unable to change window-width beyond 640 (i.e. it crashes).

        I have not explored all the routes in all 3 VNs but they seem to work just fine.

        • tatose says:

          >Giniro (the dvd version /w engrish scripts) works but unable to start from fullscreen, does not exit properly (via the titlescreen) using OSX binary build.
          *Giniro (the dvd version /w engrish scripts) works but unable to start from window mode (on windows and OSX), does not exit properly (via the titlescreen) using OSX binary build.

        • mion says:

          Hi tatose,

          Thanks for the report. I don’t have either of those VNs; did they work correctly on the previous release (onscripter-en-20110628)?

          Does Kagetsu Tohya crash at startup when using window-width, or partway through a playthrough?

          I’m not clear on what you mean by Gin’iro “unable to start from windowed mode”: does it just not start the game, or is it failing to remember the window/fullscreen setting from the previous playthrough? What happens when you try to exit from the title screen on OS X?

          Edit: I took a look at a script for Gin’iro (Japanese/Engrish, not sure which version), and it has a “menu_full” cmd right near the start of the game, making it go to fullscreen — that would explain why you can never start in windowed mode.

          Uncle Mion

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