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171 Responses to “Bug Reporting”

  1. Ava says:

    Hi! Thank you for your hard work!
    I am having a problem with Onscripter and spaces within the options and other menus. While I have input spaces in the text, they show up just fin in the text boxes, but when I go to replace choice menu options or locations in a menu, they disappear and look like this:

    I’ve thought maybe using japanese whitspace characters would fix it but it just pushed the words to the side. (Clearly I know nothing about the problem though, ehe…) Is there any way to fix this? It’s still somewhat legible but I would really like to make it look better!

    • Ava says:

      Also, I am having issues bringing up a name change window. The script jumps to something called *namechange and it looks like this:
      if $name=”" mov $name,”ラーレ”
      input $0,”名前(全角6文字以内)で入力してください(デフォルト:ラーレ)”,$name,12,1

      But I’m not sure how to get it working again, as it results to the default name given and the input window doesn’t appear either.

      • Yirba says:

        Hi Ava! For the sake of convenience, I’ll reply to both of your queries here.

        Firstly, about spaces… Have you ensured to enclose all English text within the backtick (`) symbol? This symbol toggles between the Japanese and English text modes. Without it, text will be interpreted as Japanese and won’t display correctly. For your reference, here’s an example of what a line of English should look like:
        `Hello world.`@` The quick brown fox…`!d500` jumps over the lazy dog!`\

        Secondly, regarding name change windows… Please be aware that ONScripter does not support the ‘input’ command. Although it has been hoped that ONScripter will support it eventually, currently this will not be possible. Instead, please consider alternative methods of allowing the user to input a name. For example, you could provide an on-screen keyboard which would allow the user to type in a name using their mouse. Or you could create an external program that would modify the game script to include the name before it is run. There may be better solutions, or you may wish to simply not include a name-changing feature.

        I hope this information is helpful. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reply and let us know. :-)

        • Ava says:

          Thank you for the fast response! I really appreciate it! (^o^ )

          I’ve since then solved the problem with the spaces, I wasn’t aware I needed to add a backtick in everything including menu options and navigation text. It seems to work now, I hope it will continue too and I won’t run into more problems.

          As for the second option, I stumbled across the input command on the commands list and you’re right, it just resorts to the default option. I was wondering though, if you could run me through the alternatives in more detail? Since the input screen doesn’t actually come up either (So there’s no window to type in) and it simply skips to the next line with the default name showing, how would I go about using the on-screen keyboard if there’s no window to type it in? I was thinking as a last resort I could make something that changes the name in the game script, but I wouldn’t know how to even begin making something like that, especially if the script is (if it can be) going to be turned back into nscript.dat

          Thank you again for the assistance! ^ ^)/”

          • Yirba says:

            I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue with the spaces.

            As for the second issue. I’m afraid there’s likely no easy solution. The suggestions I gave are technically feasible, but would likely require a fair amount of work. Just to clarify: ONScripter completely ignores the ‘input’ command. When the engine encounters that command, it simply skips it and moves onto the next command.

            If you really wanted to, you could program a mouse-controlled keyboard using the NScripter language. For instance, you could display 26 buttons on the screen, each displaying a different letter of the alphabet. If you program each button to append their letter to a certain string variable, it would be possible to allow the user to input any name they wanted.

            Alternatively, you can write a program which accepts an inputted name from the user, then uses the ONScripter Tools to automatically extract the script file from nscript.dat, change the name, then convert it back to nscript.dat, replacing the original, and finally loading the game itself. This should be possible with all popular procedural/object-oriented programming languages.

            I should mention that it would probably require a certain amount of programming experience to be able to implement these solutions, though. If the ability to change the name is not important, I would highly recommend simply restricting the name to the default option if using alternative solutions is not possible.

            I apologise for being unable to provide a simple solution to this problem, and hope that you find some way around it.

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  3. Peophin says:

    Hi, I’m playing Tsukihime on Mac and for some reason I can’t call up the right-click menu at choice screens.

    I’m not sure if it’s specific to this game or just something that doesn’t work in general for games on Mac, but I *should* be able to, since it works fine on my friend’s Windows computer.

    Is there a fix or will I just have to live with this?

    • Yoten says:

      I’m just confirming that this issue happens to me and others I’ve spoken to as well.

    • Gera says:

      I confirm. Same on Linux ubuntu. And also about this game. On some screens with names of chapters screen sometimes is cut and I can’t see part of the image and the name o the chapter.

  4. GabrieliosP says:

    I’d like to report an error I’ve been getting and found no way to fix.

    The first one is that when pressing the skip button (Ctrl) for a long time makes onscripter start skipping even after the key is unpressed, until the end of the script. Then it resets back to the main menu when the script ends and simply refuses to accept any other command. Both during and after the skip, no other commands are accepted. This includes attempting to open the right click menu, stop the skipping and clicking the main menu buttons. Even clicking the ‘exit’ button at the top of the window doesn’t work. Onscripter only closes after opening Task Manager and ordering it to end the program. window also opens says that ‘Onscriper-en does not respond’.

    I’m translating a VN and am at the very start of it. Aside from changing the japanese text to the translated one, I did not change any command line on the script. Thus, I think the problem may be in Onscripter rather than the script. Also, the original version of the game does not have this problem.

    Another problem is in the backlog: the text shows normally, but the backlog text has no spaces at all. For example, a line “There is something that needs to be told” shows normally on screen, but in the backlog it becomes “Thereissomethingthatneedstobetold”.

  5. KuroMaboroshi says:

    Hey there,

    I think I may have encountered a bug while trying to program a command that should grab information from an ini-file via the “getini” command at some point.
    However, the getini command doesn’t change the value of the assigned variable at all. May be that I am just too stupid to get the getini command right, but I already tried a lot and nothing seemed to change the result.

    The used command is this one:
    getini $1000, “file.ini”, “section”, “folder”

    The “file.ini”-file (placed in the same folder as onscripter-en.exe) looks like the follwing:
    folder = C:\Program Files (x86)\ONScripter\Test Environment

    Any ideas what the problem could be?

    • Jan-Poo says:

      I have the exact same problem. I’d like to make use of this feature, which supposedly exists even in nscripter, but I didn’t find any example I could refer to for its usage. I tried the same system described by KuroMaboroshi, among other variations, but nothing works.
      I’m not really sure if I’m missing something or if it simply doesn’t work.

    • Jan-Poo says:

      I managed to make getini work using nscripter, for some reason it requires the full path for the ini file, don’t know exactly why (this isn’t very good). However the same system still doesn’t work with onscripter.

  6. kiraler says:

    I have problem with Polish characters (ąęłćżźóć), because when I want play Umineko no naku koro ni Chiru I got this: (it’s from POnscripter) http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/6168/errorpy.png (in place of the squares should be Polish characters). I changed the font file, and I encoded script file to UTF-8, but it’s still not working.
    How to fix it ?

    • Yirba says:

      This error might occur if you are using the backtick character (`) to start text output, as opposed to the caret character (^), which is required for Unicode text. If you haven’t done so already, try changing the backtick character (which should be located at the beginning, and possibly end, of each text line) to the caret character.

      In other words, if you have a line like this:
      `You are either missing some music files or they are unreadable.`

      Try changing it to this:
      ^You are either missing some music files or they are unreadable.^

  7. Clion says:

    Hello, I have some problems when try translating Killer Queen into Vietnamese. I’m using the lastest PONScripter which be downloaded here.
    1. When I run game, it doesnot have audio, even though I pressed M several times.
    2. http://ft.trillian.im/theblackmagic_hero/69c3tmWJ1-lnO9j0heyT.jpg and http://ft.trillian.im/theblackmagic_hero/69c3u0RAh-E7PSXDBHE5.jpg
    As you can see, the first sentence is good but problem occurs after and it keeps like that for the rest.
    3. I cannot open Option menu in game. Every times I clicks on it, the game exits on its own automatically.

    Please help me, I’m sorry for my bad English.

  8. diff says:

    ponscripter 20111009 fails to compile with gcc 4.7.1

    output: https://gist.github.com/3041651

  9. TheGuraGuraMan says:

    Hello Mion I making a voice patch for a PONscripter game but I have a problem :
    The voices are like chipmunk’s voices, they’re too fast.
    I set the stralias well since it’s working, I inserted it well in the PONscripter script (with the “^”) and I’m using WAV files (hope it’s not coming from that since there are more than 30000 files…). Oh and I use dwave 0

    Please help me :(

  10. acerger says:

    Hi Mion,I find a bug(maybe a bug?) about the lsp2 in ONScripter(en).When use lsp2 to make picture as background, the background is no overlap, I found some problems on the X coordinate.Can you tell me what is the difference between English version and Japanese version about the lsp2′s X coordinate?

  11. Nemanja says:

    can it be because of the default.ttf i am using the name of the font is gulim i download it from the web ???

    • Nemanja says:

      ok it who’s the default.ttf i fixed it thanks any whey

      • Nemanja says:

        hi again the text in the game is weird like `Previously is like this


        • Yirba says:

          Is the font you’re using monospaced (fixed-width)? ONScripter-EN only properly supports fonts where all the characters have the same width. You might want to try this font and see if it works better. :-)

          • Nemanja says:

            i fixed it again i used a .ttc font and changed the .ttc in to .ttf and it works the .ttc foin i used is the original font of the game MS Mincho Regular :D
            but know i cant save the game or load when i click on load or save button in game the game crashes

          • Yirba says:

            Well, good to know you’ve got the font sorted out.

            As for the loading and saving, it’s probably difficult to troubleshoot without having the source code… :-/ Of course, it’s probably down to an incompatibility in ONScripter-EN, but it’s usually possible to modify the code to get it to work.

          • Nemanja says:

            as far as i know the only code in this games nscript.dat is savedir “savetata”
            should i add the savegame and loadgame commands or something else ???

          • Yirba says:

            If that’s the only code related to saving, then I’m not sure what the problem is…

            It could be that some of the existing save data is corrupt, in which case you could try deleting the save folder.

          • Nemanja says:

            here is the original nscript.dat please see if you can find anything else :D

          • Nemanja says:

            but i don’t think there is anything wrong whit the nscript.dat because i used the original nscript.dat with onscripter-en and it has the same problem

          • mion says:

            I’ll see what I can figure out.

          • mion says:

            Hmm, try making a file called ‘ons.cfg’ in the game folder where onscripter-en.exe is, containing this line:
            Tell me whether the game still crashes after that.

          • Nemanja says:

            yes it crashes 1 more thing save=. whit the . or whit no .

          • mion says:

            Yes, with the ‘.’:

            If it still crashes, add this line to the ‘ons.cfg’:
            Then run the game until it crashes at the loading screen. It will open up a folder containing 2 files: ‘stdout.txt’ and ‘stderr.txt’. Please email those 2 files to me (UncleMion (at) gmail (dot) com).

            Oh, one more question: when it crashes, does it give you some kind of error message? or does the game just close?

          • Nemanja says:

            the game stops responding sometimes and sometime crashes but no error i did save the game 1once somehow luck i think but cant load id :D
            i will send you the files know

          • mion says:

            Okay Nemanja, I’d say it’s a bug in onscripter-en, since it’s failing at the “systemcall” cmd, and it sometimes works for you and sometimes doesn’t.

            Can you tell me which version of onscripter-en you are running?

          • Nemanja says:

            this is whit the half translated nscript.dat

          • Nemanja says:

            i am using onscripter-en-20110930 the newest one i think

          • Nemanja says:

            i replaced it whit an older version onscripter-en-20110628 and know i can save and load thanks :D

          • Nemanja says:

            can ONScripter-EN use sfw(nsswf.dll) ???

          • Yirba says:

            Unfortunately, I don’t think ONScripter supports that plugin.

            Even for the plugins it supports, ONScripter doesn’t actually use the DLLs. Instead, it just emulates the effects of those plugins.

          • Nemanja says:

            dos that mean that i can just use the code to open the swf in the arc file without the nsswf.dll or that i cant use it at all

          • Yirba says:

            Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to use it at all.

            Does the swf interact with the game itself? If not, you might be able to find a workaround. For example, you might be able to launch the swf using the ‘shell’ command. Or if the swf is non-interactive, you could export it as a video file and use the ‘movie’ command.

          • Nemanja says:

            it’s non-interactive :D

          • Nemanja says:

            to what format should i convert the swf ???????

          • mion says:

            MPEG. That’s all onscripter-en supports right now.

          • Nemanja says:

            do you know any good swf to mpeg converter

          • Yirba says:

            I’ve only ever used Adobe Flash Professional to do that, but you might be able to use a search engine to find one.

            If converting isn’t possible, you could try using screen-capturing software, although directly converting it would probably produce better results.

  12. Nemanja says:

    hi i am trying to translate a game from japanese to english and i have a problem.
    i replace the japanese text with the english text it looks like this:
    `The hero visited the king. but in the game it looks like this:
    `Theherovisited the king and it’s not only that sentence is all of them!!!
    and its the same whit ^
    Please help

    • Yirba says:

      That’s strange… if you’ve added a ` (backquote) symbol, then it should activate English mode.

      Are you definitely using the ONScripter-EN interpreter and not the NScripter interpreter which came with the game?

  13. hex says:

    Uh, this seems to be an outstanding bug and I’m not sure if anyone’s reported it, since the arch linux source package already seds the configure script to fix it.
    I want to port onscripter-en to freebsd, it works flawlessly, but the current mercurial revision’s configure script does two things that break the makefile on freebsd – it appends .dll to the linker flag and has -Werror set on as default. I made a patch:
    — configure 2012-02-16 22:49:38.779119343 +0100
    +++ configure.freebsd 2012-02-16 22:51:16.579118408 +0100
    @@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
    @@ -950,7 +950,7 @@
    eval “LINK$2=\”\\\$(EXTLIB)/lib/lib$2\\\$(LIBSUFFIX)\”"
    - eval “LINK$2=-l$2.dll”
    + eval “LINK$2=-l$2″
    genlink $INTERNAL_LIBPNG z

    So unless you’d rather I use the tarball I will probably be submitting the port with this applied, of course it would be easier if you fixed the bug, as the patch (probably) breaks building on cygwin and is just a nasty hack in lieu of a proper solution.

  14. Saya-chan says:

    I’m on Arch Linux x86_64. After an SDL_ttf update from 2.0.10-1 to 2.0.11 the text becomes invisible on all my games using onscripter-en (Mainly Umineko no Naku Koro ni, which is all I have). I have reverted that library to the previous version right now and all is fine, but I guess I can’t just start keeping random libraries out of date, it could cause conflicts. I don’t really know what could be causing the invisible text glitch, I’m sorry for not being able to provide more details on that other than what I can see.

    — Saya-chan

    • UncertainKitten says:

      I have the same problem on Gentoo Linux (kernal 3.2.1) with Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Chiru Episode 8, and SDL_ttf 2.0.11. I have not attempted downgrading because I’m unsure what else would break if I did so. Still, is there any known solution to this beyond downgrading?


    • Adler says:

      Thank you very much. I was wondering what the hell was going on here, I didn’t even notice sdl_ttf was updated.

      Downgrading solved it.

      • UncertainKitten says:

        I’m curious if there’s a way to do it without downgrading. Though maybe I’ll just suck it up and do the downgrade for the duration of reading the VN.

    • Tomi says:

      Thanks for the tip! I wouldn’t have guessed it’s caused by SDL_ttf. With your hint, I found out the rest:

      It really is a bug in SDL_ttf 2.0.11, they accidentally broke the TTF_RenderGlyph_Shaded function and now it returns empty space instead of font glyphs. I found the bug and made a patch: http://pastebin.com/qKbtyKRF

      If you know how, you can recompile SDL_ttf using the patch and it’ll work. Even if you don’t install it systemwide, onscripter can be persuaded to use it with “LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/patched/SDL_ttf/.libs/libSDL_ttf-2.0.so.0 ./onscripter-en” or something like that.

      I also sent the patch to the author of SDL_ttf, let’s hope he’ll release a fixed version soon.

  15. Sheeta says:

    Hi there, one of our QCers for The Second Reproduction english translation project found a wordwrapping error with the backlog. We’re using onscripter-en-win32_dsound-20110930 and there were no problems with the backlog when I tested it using the original Japanese nscript.dat.

    Here’s a screenshot of the problem. As you can see, it breaks in weird places:

    And here’s the 0.txt we’re using, since I’m unsure which part of the code is causing the problem.


  16. Ronove says:

    When character spirtes ‘enlarge’ in Higanbana no Saku Yori Ni…

    1) If the player tries the view the backlog, it’s obscured.
    2) If the player right clicks to view the menu, it’s obscured.

    This happens in both Japanese and English versions of the engine.
    http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/5740/obscurredbacklog.jpg <<Example.

    I was wondering if there was a way to fix this — either in the scripting or through engine edits.

    Thank you. :)

    • Yirba says:

      For example, this snippet of code triggers this behaviour:

      ld_p HIG_Def1
      lsp2 2,$ld_pass,130,170,200,200,0
      lsp2 3,$ld_pass2,130,170,200,200,0
      print 22

      It’s also worth noting that the sprites also obscure the clickwait icons. I suspect that the z-index for the sprites are set higher than those of the backlog text, menu, icons, etc. It doesn’t appear to be an issue with the engine, and can probably be fixed in the script.

      Worse comes to worse, we could just make our own pre-enlarged sprites and use those instead, but I don’t think it’d come to that.

      • mion says:

        Hi Ronove,

        I tested on the original game and couldn’t replicate the problem, and after what Yirba‘s said, I suspect that your script accidentally has “windowback” turned on – probably from uncommenting this line near the top:
        (That commented line was in the Umineko scripts as well; I don’t know why 07th Expansion didn’t just remove it…)

        Let us know if that’s not the case and we’ll go from there.

        [Edit: Hmm, I just tried uncommenting "windowback" and it still didn't cause the problem...]

        Can you tell us which version of ONScripter-EN you are using, and possibly email to Uncl...@gmail.com a script file which replicates the problem for you?

        Uncle Mion

  17. Kraitical says:

    I’d like to play an onscripter game (Tsukihime, or Narcissu) on my pocket pc, but I can’t into cross-complie, could someone help?

  18. SomeLoliCatgirl says:

    There’s a problem with the function readLabel, it does not check for the + operator for strings. Monmusu Quest relies on Goto and Gosub with computed label names, and it’s broken without the + operator.

    I changed two files, the altered files are attached in this post:

    The changes made to “ONScripterLabel.cpp” add the plus operator to readLabel.
    The changes made to “onscripter.cpp” were just made to change the default options, setting Japanese mode by default, and match_bgm_audio by default.
    In a related bug, when “match_bgm_audio” is not enabled, 32KHz OGG music plays at 44KHz instead. I think it’s a bug, so I made that option the default as a workaround.

    Also, the title bar sometimes gets stuck, you can’t click it, move the window, close the window. Alt-tabbing to another program and back again fixes it temporarily, what’s going on with that?

    • mion says:

      Hi SomeLoliCatGirl,

      It looks like a tracker issue has already been created for the label parsing problem (https://unclemion.com/dev/issues/44); thanks for the patch, I’ll get that incorporated soon.

      About those default settings you changed in code — it’s cleaner to change those with a configuration file (https://unclemion.com/dev/projects/onscripter-en/wiki/Configuration), using options japanese and match-audiodevice-to-bgm in your case. Whether “match_bgm_audio” should be enabled or not depends on the game and/or user preference.

      Can you tell me more about the stuck title bar? Does this always happen at a particular point in the game, or does it seem to be random? Is something special going on (like a video playback)?

      Uncle Mion

      • SomeLoliCatgirl says:

        The frozen title bar happens all the time, when reloading, when advancing text by clicking, when hitting ctrl, it happens at any time. Except when I’m actually trying to reproduce the bug, then it seems to happen less frequently :) . When it’s frozen, you get the SDL mouse cursor drawn over the title bar instead of the Windows mouse cursor. I suspect improper event handling, but couldn’t find anything.
        Also, when you click on an inactive window with the program active, it captures the mouse click you used to click on the other program. Somehow I think that’s related.

        The sound system seems to be completely broken. It fails in any situation where two sounds playing have different frequencies.
        Under the default settings, it plays all music as 44KHz, regardless of the sound rate of the OGG file. It plays the 32KHz music too fast.
        If I turn on the “match_bgm_audio” setting, it plays the 32KHz music correctly, then plays 44KHz voices too slow.

        I also tested what happens when you set the default audio rate to 11025. Music seems to get resampled okay, but then it starts clicking and crashes later when playing a particular song. This is WITHOUT match_bgm_audio, and the only change being setting the default rate to 11025.

  19. Zoom909 says:

    ONScripter hangs running Magical Language Lyrical Lisp. Can you update ONScripter to support it?
    Primarily, looks like “textfield” is not working.
    The priority of this request, of course, is up to you.

    Start the game.
    Select lesson 1.
    Click through the dialog to get to the tutorial where the text box changes from small to large.
    Continue clicking and in a little while it will try to get you to input something.
    At this point, it hangs.
    It should have drawn an input box where you can type in text.

    Meanwhile, I will continue translating using NScripter

    • mion says:

      Hi Zoom909,

      I’d like to make ONScripter compatible with Lyrical LISP too ^^ (game-engine-based language interpreter FTW)

      But yes, we’d need to add support for the “textfield” cmd. It looks like there might be some interesting ways to implement textfields in SDL 1.3, so we’ll see what we can do after upgrading the library versions for ONScripter-EN.

      Uncle Mion

  20. Andre says:

    Save/load is broken for the “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” in 20110404, 20110331 and SVN.

    Example running 20110331 in linux, game crashes if i try to save the game:

    [coldbyte@uranus english]$ onscripter-en
    System info: Intel CPU, with functions: MMX SSE SSE2
    Adding path: .
    Adding path: ..
    Adding path: ./:../
    Script found: ./nscript.dat
    Adding path: /home/coldbyte/.Umineko4final/
    Adding path: ./:../
    Setup layer effect for ‘snow.dll’.
    menu_click_def: disabling page-at-once mode
    menu_waveon: setting main volume to on
    ALSA lib pcm.c:7316:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred
    ***[Fatal] Address Error at line 309817 (*savemode2:59) – setCurrent: outside script bounds ***
    (String buffer: [:s/8,15,1;#FFFFFF`Ep4; Apr 10, 4:43 AM])
    ***[Info] Address Error ***
    setCurrent: outside script bounds
    at line 309817 (*savemode2:59)

    > lsp %saveTimesp,$saveTimesp2,%x2,%y2

    i Downgraded to 20110321 and works fine.

  21. dsp2003 says:

    Hello, Mion.

    Regarding the improper looping of streamed file formats (i.e. wav, mp3 and ogg) (the nasty half-second silence bug, which occurs on both PONS and ONS), that is actually a known SDL mixer’s bug that was discovered somewhere back in 2008th, and wasn’t fixed ever since.

    So, I have a small proposal – how about to replace SDL audio/music routines with ffmpeg (+ libmodplug)? This will most likely fix not only the sound looping, but the overall sound quality itself. :)

    • dsp2003 says:

      Hello, Mion.

      Recently I was working on the new PONScripter-based project, and wrote this little script, which implements “flowtext” function. The text gradually appears on the screen, then gradually fades away, char by char: http://pastebin.com/p2MyVGm6

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for non-english sentences. The cause is the “len” and “mid” functions, which do not know at all how to work with unicode strings! The “flowtext” function is a vital part of the project, so I’m afraid I’ll have to port the whole thing to Ren’Py (and scrap 90% of the previous code), if those won’t be fixed/reimplemented.

      On a side note, there’s seems to be a bug in the “strsp” & “puttext” functions (the bug is common for both PONS and ONS): the word-wrapping is broken, cause the strings are wrapped by single characters instead of words.

      Tthere’s yet another bug: when attempting to display an colour sprite, the engine crashes (Example: lsp 0,”:c;>100,50,#FFFFFF#888888″,200,200).

      • mion says:

        Hi dsp2003,

        3) Thanks for letting me know about the problem with rectangular color sprites; is that on ONS, PONS, or both?
        2) I’ve already been working on the word-wrapping issue with “puttext” and string sprites, starting with ONS since it’s simpler; it might take a bit, I need to rehack the parsing and move routines around.
        1) “len” and “mid” act only on bytes, even with NScripter. I’ll work out some variant cmds that are unicode-aware, but in the meantime you might find this different type of “flowtext” routine useful, so long as you’re only applying it to static strings: http://pastebin.com/md30KHBE

        Uncle Mion

        • dsp2003 says:

          *astonished* Thank you! ^_^ Yes, that will do the trick for now. And thank you very much for added proportional font support! ^__^ …even though I’ve only used the monospaced console font. You’ll be added to the project’s credits. ^_~

          The bug with rectangular colour sprites only occurs on PONS.

          • dsp2003 says:

            Oh, by the way… before asking you directly, we’ve tried to make this simple hack: http://ever17.narod.ru/utf8_len_mid_patch.7z

            Note though it doesn’t fixes incorrect spacebar character handling and introduces strange bug when the characters are rendered misplaced (with the old “original” version of the script).

            I’m leaving it here just in case it might be useful. ^_~

  22. Bluemail says:

    Hello! I’m trying to program an experimentary VN with PONScripter (the western language support is nice to have). I did get the special characters working by finally finding out that I needed to use .utf files or pscript.dat instead of nscript.dat, thanks to this page. I think what I’m asking aren’t really bugs, but I’d like someone to clarify them for me. I’m no brilliant programmer, but I find NScripter relatively easy to understand, so with practice I think I’ll be okay.

    What I’d like to know is if PONScripter can use a bigger resolution that 800×600, preferably 16:10 ratio (1280×800 for example). I didn’t find a way to do it, and I didn’t even get the 800×600 resolution working, even though I added ;mode800 and the values to setwindow. So I’m stuck at 640×480 for now.

    The other important thing I’d like to find out is how to make it possible to advance the text by scrolling down with the mouse wheel? It should be possible, as Umineko does it. I find it more comfortable than the continuous clicking.

    Thanks in advance!

  23. kamyu says:

    I don’t really know about Nscripter or ONScripter, but I believe the game AMARANTO uses underscores for line breaks. When I tried running it with the latest ONScripter-En and the previous version, it separated sentences that were supposed to show up on the same “page” and showed the underscore.

    • mion says:

      Hi kamyu,
      Thanks for the report; the next release will have that corrected. (Odd but valid use of underscores in “linepage” mode…)
      Uncle Mion

      • kamyu says:

        Thank you. That will be great.
        Also, if possible, could you refer me to some place where I can learn how to replace the Japanese text in a game with English? When I tried to look up how to do it, I only found other people asking the same question, but no real answers. I’ll admit that I only searched lightly a few times, though.

        • kamyu says:

          Sorry for the double post, but I seem to have been able to replace the text somehow without anything really weird going on.

  24. armitage says:

    revision 586 of ONScripter-en doesn’t recognize PNG’s with alpha masks and displays them normally (found on the character screen of Seacats no Naku Koro ni: http://img337.imageshack.us/i/uminekocharabug.jpg/).
    Current stable version (20101010) displays them perfectly, so I believe the adjustments you made on 2010-10-18 are the cause.


    • mion says:

      Hi armitage,

      I’d actually changed ons-en so that it will use the alpha data stored within PNG files by default, which is how NScripter handles it; unfortunately, some of the Umineko patch image files are fully opaque 32-bit PNGs, even though they contain nscripter-style masks — hence the display problem.

      Running onscripter-en with command-line option --detect-png-nscmask will use the old PNG-handling method and eliminate the display problem with current Umineko patches.

      Uncle Mion

  25. Boinciel says:

    I noticed a discrepancy in the sound in certain games. When 48000kHz BGM is playing, sound effects automatically latch onto that frequency. I noticed this in testing the Rei English patch and Umineko; when a lot of the EP7 music is playing (or Amber in Higurashi), the sound effects are all higher-pitched because of this. Is this a bug in the original NScripter too, or is it ONScripter-specific?

    • Boinciel says:

      Unrelated: Oh god, this avatar is horrible, when did I get this and how do I fix it?

    • mion says:

      Hi Boinciel,

      ONScripter-en sets its audio mixer to match the frequency of the BGM, especially so that mpeg movie playback will be sync’d properly. Unfortunately, SDL 1.2 can only convert audio frequencies by powers of 2, so the 44.1khz sound effects are mixed unchanged even with a 48khz bgm & mixer setting.

      I’ve read that SDL 1.3 might be able to handle 48 44.1 conversions, so that’s something we’ll look into; meanwhile, it’s just a limitation of onscripter (not nscripter).

      Uncle Mion

      P.S. My avatar is registered with gravatar.com, maybe your email address got registered there with that image in the past?

  26. dsp2003 says:

    Hello again, Mion.

    I’d like to compile OnScripter [b]without[/b] SDL.dll dependancy. I’ve installed MSYS+MinGW toolchain, so here’s the question: HOW?

    • mion says:

      Hi dsp2003,

      Running configure with cmd-line option --with-internal-sdl will force static compilation of SDL. It’s best to start from a fresh install before configuring & compiling (running “make distclean” should work too.)

      Regarding your earlier comments about directsound vs. waveout: waveout has a buffer limitation, which causes a sort-of reverse stuttering in games that play sounds in quick succession (e.g. Umineko), which is why (p)ons currently uses dsound by default.

      Note that you can have SDL use waveout instead by setting environment variable SDL_AUDIODRIVER to waveout (I’ll also look into making a Windows build cmd-line option to force (p)ons to use waveout.)

      Uncle Mion

  27. dsp2003 says:

    Hello. Here’s the bugs we (me and lolibot) have found in the current PONScripter release. The bug report is partially translated from Russian though, and if there are some hard-to-understand parts, please let us know:

    1. When using standard rclick menu, if reset function is called: instead of “resetting”, the game starts again (can ignore buttons)
    2. The sprites are hard-cutted by the text window (not always, happens frequently)
    3. When command line -s is used, there’s no sound output (by the way, how about to remove the “application data” dependancy or force it only for non-writeable/access-denied cases, so the “savedir” option would work normally?)
    4. When reset menu is called and “No” option is clicked, the loading menu appears (not always, happens frequently)
    5. The preliminary button animation doesn’t work: if we have such a button, it’s rolling if the cursor is at the same place as the button is. This “animation” is also appears after text show/hide.
    6. The zoom functionality is broken in drawsp.
    7. Sometimes, when multiple symbols “.” or “,” are shown, it’s possible for them to overlap with the last three symbols of the text (for example, when using monospaced fonts. Can be fixed by setting “prendering light,_float_”).
    8. A possibility of turning on the non-cancellable skip mode (when useescspc or usewheel are enabled). The skipping is only stops after double click.

    • dsp2003 says:

      9. Due to changes in sound handling, there are problems with directsound playback on Windows XP + SBAudigy2ZS – the player routine just skips frames, which produces sound stuttering.
      10. If the text cursor (not the mouse pointer!) is being accidentally shown semi-behind (half-cutted by) the visible screen space, it stays in that way forever. I.e. instead of the normal text cursor image, you’ll get the cutted sprite.

  28. Nathalia says:

    First, once again, thank you for your great work in both ON and PONScripter \o/

    Now, I have just a simple problem:
    I’m using PON to translate Umineko into portuguese, and it works fine, the only problem I’ve found already (I’m at the very beginning of the series) is that there are no spaces when calling backlog x.x
    There are even the accents and ç and stuff, but no spaces.
    I’m running PON with the file 0.utf, btw.
    What do you recommend?

    • mion says:

      Hi Nathalia,

      Looks like you found a bug in ponscripter, I’ll try to get that fixed soonish ^^;

      Uncle Mion

      • Nathalia says:

        Let me know when you do xD
        and thank you very much ^^/

        • Kilarn says:


          I’m presently translating Umineko no naku koro ni into French and, like Nathalia, I have the same problem.

          When I would like to look the backlog, there isn’t any space. All of the accents are here…except the space =/

          Like Nathalia, i’m running PONscripter with 0.utf and… I don’t know what to do.

          Is there any news since the last post ?

          Thanks you

  29. oatmeal says:

    Disregard my last message – I was able to figure out a fix. See here: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=3197447&postcount=4518

    • oatmeal says:

      Sadly that “fix” didn’t do anything. My post there explains. I’m completely at a loss as to why Umineko EP4 works fine and EP6 does not.

  30. oatmeal says:

    I’m running the MacOS X build of ONScripter as part of Umineko 6 and I’m unable to save. I posted some possibly relevant error messages here: http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=3191080&postcount=4497 which I reproduce below:

    I’m having trouble saving and loading with the Mac version of the EP6 patch. At first, I noticed that if I saved and exited, when I restarted, none of my save files would appear, nor would EP6 remain unlocked.

    So I checked the files in /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Umineko6/ and many seemed to have corrupt filenames:


    as well as copies of these files and folders without the string %B0ݴ%A0 in front.

    Furthermore, the Console has messages like this when I try to save:

    8/13/10 3:34:36 PM [0x0-0x2f62f6].com.witch-hunt.umineko6[7444] can’t open save file sav/save1.dat for writing (not an error)
    8/13/10 3:34:36 PM [0x0-0x2f62f6].com.witch-hunt.umineko6[7444] searchsavefile: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Umineko6/�ݴ�save1.dat

    And when I quit:

    8/13/10 3:45:21 PM [0x0-0x2fa2fa].com.witch-hunt.umineko6[7459] can’t open gloval.sav for writing
    8/13/10 3:45:21 PM [0x0-0x2fa2fa].com.witch-hunt.umineko6[7459] Quitting…
    8/13/10 3:45:21 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[87] ([0x0-0x2fa2fa].com.witch-hunt.umineko6[7459]) Exited with exit code: 255

    Strangely, the EP4 patch seems to be OK with respect to saving even though it’s the same version of ONScripter.

  31. resttime says:

    The latest svn (20100620) crashes with Umineko EP4 during a clock animation with a “Floating Point Exception”. With AND without English patch.

    More specifically, Episode 1, After the scene when Shannon serves tea and gets chewed out for being slow, it gets revealed that it is Gohda’s fault, Kumasawa comments on the situation and then says “I can’t do anything but watch over the shadows…”, clock animation appears that rotates the minute and hour hand to show time changing but it never finishes and crashes around 11:50, with a floating point exception.

    This is just a heads up if you are unaware and not really a complaint, because the stable (20100518) works just fine (being stable and all).
    On an unrelated note, will you switch to git and a gitweb interface, as opposed to svn, in the future?

    Thank you for your work.

  32. Bolts says:

    `make doc’ is prodicing malformed manpages with xmlto 0.0.23 and docbook-xsl. Whitespace is being added to the beginning of lines with *roff macros causing them to be ignored. This may be an upstream bug, but I thought I’d let you know.

    make doc output


    • mion says:

      Hi Bolts,
      I haven’t ever tried doing `make doc’ myself since I don’t have docbook (that was Haeleth’s work), so I couldn’t say where the problem is ^^;
      Thanks for the tip though.

      Uncle Mion

  33. Pedro says:

    I’m brazilian and I want to know how to make ONScripter accept accents and “ç” . Because without this some words lose their sense.

    • mion says:

      Hi Pedro,
      ONScripter(-EN) is unable to support accented characters because it relies on Shift-JIS encoding for scripts, which doesn’t include accented letters.
      However, PONScripter will do the job, though you’ll need to convert the script to UTF-8 and rename it from 0.txt to 0.utf, among other things…

      Uncle Mion

  34. Akures says:

    Right now i’m trying to translate a NScripter game into german.

    But on my testruns it doesn’t displays the special german characters. I either get a half-width katakana or a placeholder character.

    I’m sure that some of the fonts i tried have those german characters included, this shouldn’t be the problem.
    The scriptfile is encoded in utf-8, so this shouldn’t be the problem as well.

    I did tried onscripter-en-20100309 and ponscripter-win32-20100502.

    Is there any way to fix this?

    • mion says:

      Hi Akures,

      To correct this problem, you’ll need to do the following:
      1) Change the script filename to “0.utf”
      2) Use ^ instead of ` as the text marker. For example:
      ^Ein großes Problem,!w200 ja?@
      3) Run the game with ponscripter instead of onscripter-en

      You’ll probably need to make some other changes (and I’m still working on stabilizing the ponscripter syntax and putting together a guide to localizing games with ponscripter), but that should allow you to see the German characters.

      Uncle Mion

      • Akures says:

        Thank a bunch,
        works fine now.

        And if you need a helping hand for the guide, i would be glad to help.

      • Sagan says:

        Osu! Uncle in trying to do the same with Polish spec. characters (ęóąśłżźćń) in “Saya no Uta”
        but i can’t fix the problem (even with German characters)
        can you please make a comprehensive guide
        and what does “!w200″ command exactly do?


        • mion says:

          Ah! Hi Sagan,

          Be sure your ’0.utf’ script is encoded with UTF-8, and not the older codepage used for Polish (ISO 8859-2?)

          But if it’s just those Polish-specific characters that aren’t working for you, it’s likely that the font files in the game are missing the glyphs for them. You would need to find replacement fonts that support Polish characters, and change the font commands in the game script… yes, I agree a comprehensive guide would be very good to have, along with many other things ^^;

          !w200 causes a 200 ms pause during text display. You can read more about !w and other script commands in the *NScripter Command Reference: http://onscripter.unclemion.com/api/NScrAPI-framed.xml (though it’s not exactly tutorial-level).

          Uncle Mion

  35. Tophan says:


    I’m playing Tsukihime with onscripter-en-20100518 (which I compiled under linux) and there is a bug. On left-click the game shows full page of text, immediately. It should show sentences letter after letter, and should stop between sentences – and wait for left-click. Any ideas how to fix it?

  36. Sean says:

    Hi, I’d like to request to update to SDL 1.2.14 as 1.2.13 does not build successfully on OS X Snow Leopard (10.6).

    • mion says:

      Hi Sean,
      Our onscripter-en OS X binary releases are already built on OS 10.6, but against the 10.4 SDK to ensure compatibility with the older OS X versions. Building with the included XCode should work fine… are you not using the XCode? Or perhaps are you missing the 10.4 SDK?

      Uncle Mion (and Roto)

  37. Antonio says:


    I report a bug about PONscripter with MIDI files and Slakware linux.
    When I must play a midi, the program don’t play them or crash himself. if i build it from source “–with-internal-libs”or if it is a pre-built application. However, se I build it from the source “without” internal libs, the script works slow and mute (of course) with this message: /home/user/mygame/tmp.mid: permission denied.



    P.S. actually ONscripter-en with Slackware works fine when built from source. The Ubuntu package is no good for “standard unix”-like OS.

  38. Antonio says:

    Hi, “uncle” Mion

    About the source package onscripter-en-20100309-fullsrc.tar.bz2, there is a
    “missing end-line” in ScriptParser_command.ccp.

    That could be a problem for ordinary users.



  39. dsp2003 says:

    Hello! It seems the new PONScripter release is broken. The mp3loop command causes the engine to crash after single playback of any BGM. Also, the mp3loop seems to be functioning improperly in the earlier builds (of both PONS and ONS) – there’s no “accurate” loop — the silence gap is too noticeable. T_T My friend Kyoko has translated her first short doujin, which we’d like to port into PONS. Hope the problem will be solved soon. ^_^ Thanks in advance, Mion-san.

    • dsp2003 says:

      There’s yet another bug I’ve managed to notice – when clicking the text, it adds an “extra” space at the beginning of new line, even if there’s no quotes at the beginning of sentence. In other words, the text output is broken as well.

      Also, the music playback now stops when the application gets minimised – this is NOT the “classic” ONS behavior, it’s bad. No, seriously.

  40. Veo says:

    I’d like to start off by thanking for all the effort you’ve put into Onscripter as well as the translation project for Higurashi. You’ve made many-a Japanese language illiterates such as myself happy. That being said, however, i also double as a programming illiterate and, as such see the need to request some assistance.
    I’ve tried to install the Watanagashi patch for Higurashi and whenever i try to start up the onscripter-en, well it just doesn’t start. The process fails to initiate. I get no error prompt or anything of the kind. I’ve run it with both the system’s locale set to Japanese as well as Applocale but i doubt that that would be causing the problem. Since I completely suck at this, I can’t say with any degree of certainty that this is an onscripter issue rather than a system problem. I’ve tried to Google the error, but nobody seems to have had it or, it may be so trivial that nobody saw fit to post about it. So my question is: Is this a common occurence? Or is it relegated to my system? And in any case, is there anything I can do to make it work?

    • mion says:

      Hi Veo,

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond, but I’m a bit stumped by your problem…
      If you’re using the patch downloaded from one of the Sonozaki Futago-tachi blog links, and have all the stuff from the zip file in a subdirectory of a properly installed official Higurashi Himatsubushi game, then it should at least do more than close right away.

      So, a few questions:
      1) What operating system do you have?
      2) Is there a “default.ttf” file in the folder with onscripter-en? (Missing the font file is the most likely cause of “immediate window close”)
      3) Do you get the same result if you run with the most recent onscripter-en from Uncle’s Corner?

      Anyway, if you’re still having trouble let me know the answers so I can help you better.

      If I might make a suggestion, it’s better to ask questions about Higurashi patches on the Sonozaki Futago-tachi blog – it’s more specific than here, which covers ONScripter in general; also, there might be readers who’ve had similar problems and could make a helpful response.

      Good luck!
      Uncle Mion

      • Veo says:

        Thanks for the response! And sorry I didn’t mention these already… they kinda slipped my mind.
        I’m running Windows XP Professional SP2 and as for the second and third questions the answer is “yes” to both of them. I had suspected that either the font files or onscripter version were to blame for the error so those were the first things I checked out. I should also probably add that I’m experiencing the same issue with Witch-Hunt’s Umineko patch so it seems less of an onscripter issue and more of a system compatibility issue. I don’t suppose there are any programs that MUST be installed before trying to run onscripter, are there? In any case I’ll try asking this on the blog as well and if all else fails I’ll try going with a clean Windows install. Also, could it be possible for it to be a hardware problem? I’m thinking RAM or CPU here since I’ve been having some troubles with them lately (old PC, she served me well… can’t put her to sleep yet).
        So thanks for wracking your brains here for me and sorry if I sound like an idiot asking so many questions but, I’m pretty entranced with the games nowadays (read: “obsessed”). Guess I just love a heart-warming tale of insanely brutal insane murders with a dash of mystery added for good flavor. That or I’m more screwed up than I should be.

        • mion says:

          Hi again Veo,

          The fact that it’s an older PC is a useful clue. Try making a file called “ons.cfg” in the same folder as onscripter-en, with the following by itself on a line in the file: disable-cpu-gfx
          Then run the newer onscripter-en and see if that works.

          If that doesn’t work, add this by itself on a line in ons.cfg: debug
          And then run onscripter-en. A few Windows Explorer folders will pop up; this is normal. One of those folders will be called “ONScripter-En” and contain 2 files: stdout.txt & stderr.txt
          Send those files to UncleMion (at) gmail (full-stop) com, and I’ll see how far the program got for you :)

          Uncle Mion

          P.S. By the way, how old a PC are we talking? What kind of processor does it have?

          • Veo says:

            Sorry for the very late reply.
            Computer’s around 5 or 6 years old when it comes to component age. Processor is an AMD Sempron 2600+ at 1.8 GHz and the motherboard, if it’s of any consequence, is an ASUS A8NX-E Deluxe with an NForce2 chipset… So yeah… old.
            As for the stderr and stdout, I had tried to use an ons.cfg with the debug command but it hadn’t worked. I tried again and lo and behold… it didn’t work again. Seems that the program shuts down before it can even debug.
            I have found something else out however, and this might be useful. I tried checking out whether or not I had any other games that ran on onscripter besides umineko and I found Tsukihime. So I copied it’s ONscripter files into the Higurashi patch folder and… it worked! Kinda. ONscripter initializes and even creates stderr and stdout. But it doesn’t recognize the game as eing installed and when I checked the stderr file, it said that it failed to localize some miscellaneous files. I’m guessing these would be the files that were to be found in the arc.nsa but since it’s tuned to find Tsukihime’s files, it doesn’t recognize Higurashi’s and says that the game is not installed. I think. Also, even though Tsukihime’s ONscripter executable runs(albeit with the error), the original patch’s executable still refuses to do so, even with its files replaced. I can send in all the files that I replaced and the stderr and stdout that were generated by Tsukihime’s ONscripter if you need them. And as for Tsukihime’s ONscripter version, it seems to be Insani’s last published build (2006.07.24). I hope this helps even in the slightest and again sorry for the delay in responding.

  41. Pantamorph says:

    Hi Mion, this isn’t practically a bug, but I would like you to translate the prompt saving, loading or exiting the game text, because it’s displayed in Japanese
    Thanks in advance

    • mion says:

      Hi Eugene,

      It’s already done!

      If you rename onscripter to onscripter-en, or else use the ons-en script command “language english”, or else the command-line option “–english” (“english” in the ons.cfg file), then ons-en will use English-language system menu prompts.

      Uncle Mion

  42. hobbes says:

    Hi U. Mion

    I am new to your site and I appreciate all the work you have done for ONScripter releases. I was wondering if anyone ran into trouble trying ONScripter and NScripter games in Windows7. I have tried Narcissu and A Dream of Summer (translated Doujin VNs) that use NScripter and the game crashes after about a full page of text. I think during transition or CG change. Tried downloaded the latest release of ONScripter and run the games with it, but the still crashes. BTW im not getting an error message, the game just closes; making it extremely difficult to diagnose. So I thought I’d ask if anyone else has similar findings on Windows7 OS.

    Also, it runs perfect on my WinXP virtual OS, so it must be a Win7 compatibility problem. The strange thing is, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni w/ English patch by Witch Hunt (EP4) runs fine, and I thought it ran on Nscripter as well.

    Running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit Edition

    Thank you.

    • Shadark says:

      I think same error happened with Umineko and Windows 7, but if I remember well, that was caused because I wasn’t using Applocale to open Umineko.

      I’m not sure if this helps. I remember Umineko crashing after a few scenes, but I don’t remember well what I’ve did to fix it.

      • hobbes says:

        Well i have mine on Jap locale all the time, since all the games I play are usually Japanese. So, yeah i didn’t have this problem. Thanks for answering ^_^

        • hobbes says:

          Update: tried the a combination of compatibility options in Windows and the ONScripter command options posted previously.

          The command options were not really necessary since the game, A Dream of Summer I tested was originally written for ONScripter.

          But I managed to find out that ONScripter-en.exe crashes only at a certain part of the game, towards the beginning when showing the title. I managed to run the game with the old .exe in fullscrn and bypass that spot so I could save to a point after the crash. So it loads and plays, but everywhere but that spot. I guess this is probably the best I can get. I think it was released in 2006, so full compatibility might be impossible on this OS.

          If you have any recommendations on compatibility for this game Mion, I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

          Thank you.

          • mion says:

            Hi hobbes,

            My first guess is that it’s an issue with 64-bit Windows, for lack of a better idea, but it’s hard to be sure… I’ll certainly look into the problem (grabbing a copy of the al|together A Dream of Summer, which I’ll try with the latest release of ons-en).

            Meanwhile, if you could create an “ons.cfg” file containing the word “debug” on a single line, put it in the game folder, run the new ons-en, and then send me the stdout.txt and stderr.txt that result from the crash (they’ll be in the ONScripter-En folder that opens up), that will help track the source of the issue.

            Uncle Mion

  43. Shadark says:

    Hi, I’m trying to run Umineko no Naku Koro Ni with PONScripter because it supports UTF-8 (I want to write some Spanish characters), but when I open ponscr.exe from the patch folder, it says that I’m missing some music files or they’re unreadable. I tried to open ponscr.exe with Applocale and setting my system locale language to Japanese, but it doesn’t work.

    I also tried to change nscript.dat to pscript.dat (I read that some lines up) but by this way I see less text, only the options with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Other (when you aren’t using Applocale), and when I press some of that ponscr.exe closes. Converting result.txt to UTF-8 and generating another dat file with nscmake also didn’t worked.

    Have you got a solution?

    Thanks in advance.

    • mion says:

      Hi Shadark,

      The first thing you need to know is that there’s still a lot that needs to be implemented for PONScripter to run Umineko correctly; what you’re running up against here is the lack of support for Japanese filenames.

      To start converting a script from onscripter to ponscripter, you’ll want to take that “result.txt”, convert it to UTF-8 and rename it to “0.utf” so you can run it, and then replace the ` characters with ^ (ponscripter uses ^ instead of ` for marking text, don’t ask me why….) That should at least get you a mostly runnable script.

      Also, you should be able to produce a “pscript.dat” from “0.utf” by using the nscmake.exe from onscr-tools, and have ponscripter run it properly (or at least as well as it runs “0.utf”, anyway.)

      Uncle Mion

  44. tr1ton says:

    Hello, you could not make Russian support (ANSI or still what) in onscripter. We have altered on ANSI, but it already old. 2008 also works not so stably.

    • mion says:

      Hi triton,

      I’m not sure I understand what it is you’re saying, but my guess is that you would like onscripter-en to support Russian (in ANSI or some other encoding), since the Russian port of the original onscripter (from 2008) is outdated and unstable.

      ONScripter-EN only processes scripts in Japanese Shift-JIS encoding (codepage 932), so it would need to be altered to work with a different ANSI encoding.

      If you wouldn’t mind using the Japanese 932 encoding, it does support cyrillic, just not in the same fashion as Russian ANSI.

      Otherwise, you’d probably do better to wait and use PONScripter once it’s stable, since that supports UTF-8 encoding.

      Uncle Mion

  45. Andrey says:

    If RCA_SCALE is defined, neither scaled_flag nor widescreen_flag are initialized (to true value) and it’s impossible to run the game without upscaling.

    • Andrey says:

      In AnimationInfo, neither pos.w nor pos.h are initialized with zeroes as they should be, causing game to not redraw screen sometimes (dirty_rect.area becomes a negative value) when compiled with MSVCS. This can be fixed by adding these lines to void AnimationInfo::reset():

      orig_pos.w = orig_pos.h = 0;
      pos.w = pos.h = 0;

      Also, what is supposed to be? Neither mingw I have installed nor MSVCS have it. I put a dummy header with dummy __cpuid to make it compile, but maybe there should a fallback option when build system doesn’t have ?

      • Andrey says:

        Blog software has butchered the text I wrote. Here’s the last line of previous post:

        Also, what is cpuid.h header supposed to be? Neither mingw I have installed nor MSVCS have it. I put a dummy header with dummy __cpuid to make it compile, but maybe there should a fallback option when build system doesn’t have cpuid.h header?

        • mion says:

          Hi Andrey,

          RCA_SCALE is not a top priority at the moment (experimental), but I did make your suggested AnimationInfo fix.
          As for “cpuid.h”, it and the ons-en custom gfx routines are only supported on GCC 4.3+, so I made some changes to “configure” that should make compilation work more correctly – give it a try.

          Uncle Mion

  46. atanok says:

    Found a bug on version 20100117: in Umineko 5, trying to save the game will result in a crash. Other games are probably also be affected.

    Environment: Ubuntu 9.10

    Using the i386 binaries or compiling from source yields the same error.

    How to reproduce:
    Start a fresh game with Umineko 5. Original or WH’s translation, there is no difference.
    As soon as possible, save the game. Any slot will do.
    The game window will disappear and the following can be seen on the terminal:

    ScriptParser::Parseline savegame
    can’t open gloval.sav for writing

    The previous version I tested, 20100107, is not affected and saves/loads properly under the same conditions.

    My guess: related with the tmpfile safeguard referred to in the 2010-01-17 changelog entry.

    Hope this helps, and sorry if I overlooked any fix already released.
    I’ll be looking into the code for a while trying to trace down the problem.

  47. dsp2003 says:

    The ns2make tool seems to be broken, because it produces archives with incorrect file table.

    I was curious about this “new” format and tried to figure out the structure and fiddled a bit with generated archives, and found out that the data itself is overwriting the last entry of table.

    P.S. For me it looks like a plain NSA archive. o_O

  48. Rafael says:

    I’d like to know which settings I should use when encoding so that videos (mpeg) can be played on POnscripter.

    • mion says:

      Hi Rafael,

      (P)ONScripter uses the SMPEG library for mpeg and mp3 playback; it currently supports MPEG-1, not MPEG-2.

      Beyond that, I’m not sure what encoding requirements it may have, but let me know if you have problems with playback.

      Uncle Mion

  49. darklegion says:

    There seems to be something wrong with the “make clean” script.Make clean is not only cleaning up the source tree, but it is also removing files that were installed with “make install”.Usually “make uninstall” is used for this; make clean is just for cleaning up the source directory.


    • mion says:

      Hi darklegion,

      What operating system are you building on? Which ‘install’ files are being removed?
      Also, is this onscripter-en or ponscripter that you’re having trouble with?

      I haven’t been able to replicate the problem on Windows (MinGW).

      Uncle Mion

  50. Rafael says:


    Which application should I use to convert my UTF-8 scripts into the DAT file (for use on POnscripter)? The old compiler – for Nscripter – I got from Insani either isn’t capable of correctly converting the script (UTF-8 encoded), or some other issue I’m not aware of, I highly suspect the earlier though.

    For reference, this is the toolkit I’m using [/stuck with]: http://nscripter.insani.org/sdk.html

    I realize this must be a very trivial question, but information regarding the issue is usually incomplete and mostly non-existent. It would be useful posting the differences between the two — POnscripter and Onscripter — in that respect, for a smooth migration between platforms.

    Thanks in advance.

    • dsp2003 says:

      Grab an HEX editor (i’d prefer WinHEX) and xor your 0.utf by 0×84. This one is really trivial “encryption” and won’t help you to hide anything from advanced users. Bear with it. ^_^

    • mion says:

      Hi Rafael,

      If you temporarily rename your “0.utf” script to “0.txt”, then nscmake.exe will be able to generate an “nscript.dat” file (it’s picky that way). Rename the generated file to “pscript.dat” and ponscripter should be able to run it correctly.

      (I should sometime make a version of nscmake that’ll handle this more gracefully.)

      Uncle Mion

      • Rafael says:

        That’s exactly the weird part. I did just that, but it didn’t work. It runs with the .utf script just fine, but once I convert it, POnscripter apparantly doesn’t even open it.

        • mion says:

          That is odd. Have you tried running NSDEC.EXE on the generated “nscript.dat” and comparing the “result.txt” with your original script file?

          Any chance there could be some odd low-ASCII characters in the file? I’ve determined that ASCII character 0x1A causes nscmake.exe to produce a truncated nscript.dat, so if that shows up in your file for any reason the resulting dat file will be incomplete.

          Uncle Mion

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