Bug Reporting

For the time being, you may report bugs and issues by leaving a comment on this page, or if you prefer, contact UncleMion via email at Uncl...@gmail.com or via irc channel #denpa on synirc.net.

(A list of known bugs will show up here at some point.)

See the Old Bug Reporting page for previous comments.

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163 Responses to “Bug Reporting”

  1. Roger Pepitone says:

    Build problems: (Windows, MinGW)
    1) zlib-1.2.5.tar.gz and libpng-1.5.11.tar.bz2 are no longer available at given address.
    2) There’s a problem compiling freetype with the given arguments (IIUC, don’t use -ansi, or else use _off_t and _off64_t instead of off_t and off64_t.)

  2. AX2 says:

    I’m using ONScripter on OSX and whenever I click F to go Fullscreen, the app stops responding.

    • Yirba says:

      Which version of OS X, and which version of ONScripter are you using?

      To be honest, even on the latest versions of both, fullscreen still doesn’t work properly, but the application should still respond.

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