Ponscripter Release (20111009 “Tiramisu”)

Welp, I’m finally doing another release of Ponscripter (ponscripter-20111009).  This one takes care of a few noted issues, like lack of support for non-ASCII filenames.

I’m not sure where I want to go next with Ponscripter: there’s an awful lot of updates to port from ONScripter-EN, enough that I’m tempted to make a new fork from the ons-en source and port Ponscripter features to that, rather than the other way around ^^;

Anyway, you Ponscripter scripters out there, let me know if you have problems with this new release.  (I don’t recommend that ONScripter-EN users switch to Ponscripter for playing (o)nscripter games, as there’s still a lot of ons-en features and fixes yet to be implemented…)


Uncle Mion

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  1. Rob says:

    Hi everyone.
    I want to translate Umineko Ep 1 into my native language (polish). I was looking for a programme which supports letters like ą,ę,ł,ć etc. and I eventually found ponscripter. Everything is going fine but save/load menu it seems to be broken. I mean, the menu doesn’t display small pictures that should be attached to each save file and also time of save file isn’t displayed properly. However, the main problem is that when I load the save file there is no music, simply silence. The bgm which should be looped doesn’t work. This problem appears only to the point when another piece of music jump in and then again everything is going smoothly. Moreover, during the game in the system menu there is lack of sounds like *click* and *clash*.
    I know that ponscripter isn’t fully compatible with Umineko but I wonder whether or not there is a chance to fix it up somehow. Or maybe from entirely different side whether there is any way or trick to use onscripter with polish characters.

    I would be grateful for any help and concern.

    PS. I attached image to illustrate my issue.



    • Yirba says:

      Hi Rob,

      As you correctly mentioned, PONScripter is not completely compatible with NScripter scripts. Although development of PONScripter proper has stalled, Sekai Project’s fork remains active. It is possible that these incompatibilities will be resolved in future.

      Until then, however, it may be possible to modify the game script to only use the commands available in PONScripter. I suggest taking a look at the command reference and see if there are equivalent commands that are available in PONScripter.

  2. TranslatR says:

    Hi everyone, I want to Translate Monster Girl Quest to my local.
    Just wonder how to made every commands work in PON as well as ON-EN without coding skill :(

    Cause it seems like most of the command and stuff doesnt work and some of them crash the game.

    Is there anyway to figure it out.
    Le me really lost

    I Really Reallyy “Thank you” so much for help ^^

    • Yirba says:

      Hi TranslatR!

      Unfortunately, if a command is not available in PONScripter, it would be impossible to use it. We’re working on implementing a lot of the missing commands over here, but it’s a Sekai Project… project, so the lead programmers will be focusing on features that are needed for the games Sekai Project releases.

      Otherwise, there may be other commands in PONScripter which can do a similar thing.

      Also, are you certain you’re not simply making a programming error? If you share your code with us and tell us what you intended it to do, we may be able to find a way to solve your problem. :-)

      • TranslatR says:

        Thanks you so much Yirba!, also sorry for non-active this too long. I thought no one gonna reply me tho. xD
        About sharing code I can’t give it to you because my bad(ass)sector HDD was sucked everything T_T

        I hav to start the translates processes from scratch again but Not for now :(

        All I can remembered is It about Dialog Options on the 1st Episode of MGQ that you can select to choose what you gonna do.. Something like that :>

        Glad to hear that there’s still on Dev and Up to Date :) I Really love this!

        See ya again man, Somehow I’ll you on Steam *-*

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have just a couple questions about the current Ponscripter release (I’m sorry if these are already answered somewhere else):

    - Creating an ‘ons.cfg’ (as instructed in http://unclemion.com/dev/projects/onscripter-en/wiki/Configuration) doesn’t seem to have any effect; does Ponscripter support similar functionality with some other filename?

    - Is there some simple way to disable some of the default keyboard shortcuts (such as ‘o’ for displaying the whole page at once and ‘s’ for skipping)?

    - Is there some simple way to get window sizes other than the documented ;modeXYZ modes (1024×768 in particular)?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yirba says:

      - I believe you can do the same thing as ‘ons.cfg’ but with the filename ‘pns.cfg’.
      - You may be able to override default behaviour for those keys by using the checkkey command, but admittedly that’s something I haven’t tried for the ‘o’ and ‘s’ keys (I managed to get it working with the arrow keys, though).
      - I don’t think so, unfortunately. Even with ONScripter-EN, that would require use of an ‘ons.cfg’ file, but the options to scale the window aren’t currently available in PONScripter, I think.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, Yirba!

        Here’s a minor question related to the first part of your response: it seems indeed that I can achieve what I want to (ie. setting the save folder as ‘savedata’) through ‘pns.cfg’ with the lines ‘debug’ and ‘save=savedata’ in that order. However, entering just ‘save=savedata’ seems to cause the game to crash on startup. Is there some sensible explanation to this or should I just be contet with the first-mentioned alternative?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Yirba says:

          Hm, that seems strange. I’m not sure what’s causing the game to crash. It’s possible that an error is occurring even when you do type ‘debug’, but debug mode catches that error thereby mitigating the issue. That’s just conjecture though, and there could well be another explanation. Apologies for not being able to assist further.

  4. kamyu says:

    Hello, I had onscripter play a bgm, then a movie, and when it started playing the movie, it stopped playing the bgm. However, the VN Amaranto plays the ending song as a bgm a little before it starts playing the ending credit videos, so I need the bgm to keep playing even after the movie starts playing. Is there any way to do this?

  5. Katayashi says:

    When I make a pscript.dat file from the 0.utf file, then the resolution 800×600 change to 640×480.

  6. Ricz says:

    The latest Ponscripter has a major fault: it can’t read the png files from the nsa-file, but only if it in a directory of the program.

    • mion says:

      Hi Ricz,
      Which game is this?
      Is ponscripter reading other files from the arc.nsa, so just the png files aren’t working?

      Uncle Mion

      • Ricz says:

        Hi, (sorry for the late greeting, I’m just interpreting for a friend)
        Yes, other files are read from the arc.nsa, except the png. It’s the build, because we’re working on two normal basically NScripter-based game, Narcissu and Tsukihime.

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