ONScripter Release 20110930 – Yakisoba!

Greetings!  I come bringing new ONScripter-EN (onscripter-en-20110930), now in ‘Yakisoba’ flavor! \o/

It has major changes to the build and packaging system, updates to all libraries, and that Mac OS X fullscreen bugfix that the Lion users have been waiting for.


Uncle Mion

4 Responses to “ONScripter Release 20110930 – Yakisoba!”

  1. hekate says:

    Hello! Thank you for your releases!

    Unfrotunately I’m having a problem with downloading this latest version (onscripter-en-20110930 yakisoba), the only one I was able to download was from your releases page, and I think that’s not the latest version :/ The files name is onscripter-en-mac-20110628.

    When I try cliking the link in this post I get a “Not Found” page.

    I’m trying to get Umineko arcs woking and I’m on a Mac system. I was able to work the 1-4 Question arcs with the old release, but that version doesn’t seem to work with the Answer arcs for some reason. Even though I’m doing the patch as instructed, the OnScripter (20110628) crashes immediately upon opening. I’m not sure if there’s some other problem here, I’m checking every way I can get the second game working with that patch, but not being able to download this latest release or find it anywhere else.

    Sorry if this was a weird question, I’m not too familiar with this stuff…

    Thank you.

  2. uhufs says:


  3. Jonas says:

    Hello, I didnt know where else to post this question so ill do it here.

    I’m struggling to install umineko on my ipad iOS 5.1.1
    I have found one onscripterfile which kind of works (menus shows up but crashes when theres a questionmark in the text), it dont seem to have the ENABLE_1BYTE_CHAR set. And no matter how much i look i cant find a working onscripter. Can i compile one myself? In that case could you point me in the right direction?

  4. HE Xiaoqiu says:

    good job! i think that is a stable version and looking forward to more and more good games!

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