ONScripter Release (20110628)

Howdy howdy!

With the new release of ONScripter-EN (onscripter-en-20110628) we’ve fixed a couple bugs in Umineko, and also added a couple new cfg options.

  • Automode is now allowed in all games, but if you don’t like the default timing for a game, you can set your preferred automode wait time to 5 seconds (for example) with this line in ons.cfg:
  • Some trial versions of games have a video sized smaller than the game window (e.g. the game is 800×600, but the video file original size is 640×480.)  By default, ONScripter-EN will fit the video to the window size, but if playback looks a little rough due to the upscaling, you can use this ons.cfg option to view videos without resizing:

In other news, we’ve used Redmine to create a management site for the projects on the Corner.  It’s got an issue tracker, a rudimentary wiki, and release sets.  You can even access the source code repositories – now in Mercurial!

Though we’re still working out how we want to use the site, the issue tracking is already very helpful — feel free to report bugs there, but since it requires registration, you can still comment on the Bug Reporting page if you’d rather not.  Now there’s even more ways to let me know if I broke anything ;)

Uncle Mion

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