Pie Day ONScripter Release (20110314)

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Aside from the spoils of our ongoing bughunt, the main cool thing about today’s ONScripter-EN release (onscripter-en-20110314) is that, instead of using


in your ons.cfg file, you can now use


which will render a game at the maximum size possible for your screen, while preserving the 4:3 aspect ratio.  Also, scaling routines now use floating-point to calculate sizes & positions, so images should be drawn a bit more accurately.

Uncle Mion

5 Responses to “Pie Day ONScripter Release (20110314)”

  1. kamyu says:

    I cannot seem to change the window width with ons.cfg on windows either. It always seems to be scaled. Also, in the game AMARANTO, the BGM does not play when I start it (although it does in the demo version). One more thing: I don’t know if this is considered a bug, but onscripter-en did not display the dialogue in AMARANTO properly until I changed the line (for example, changing the first line of the first dialogue from “[声]br「オイ!!d300_” to “br[声]「オイ!!d300_”). When I played it without changing it, it did not put the line break in, so the name of the speaker and their line overlapped, and the text “br” showed up in what they were saying instead. When I changed the line, it seemed to work properly.

    • mion says:

      Hi kamyu,
      The new ons-en release fixes the scaling issue, but the other ones will take some more work.
      Although I haven’t tried the full version of AMARANTO, my guess is that the BGM is in WMA format, which onscripter doesn’t play. I’m not sure how to add support for WMA using our current system.
      The “br” problem indicates that NScripter handles pretext tags in a somewhat different manner than we thought, so fixing it will involve changes to the script tokenizer – not a simple task, but I think I’m up for it ;)
      In the meantime, you’ll just need to move the “br” to the front of the line, as you already figured out.
      Uncle Mion

  2. spell says:

    Seems like scale is default on windows and nothing can force the window width I want.

  3. archer says:

    $ ./configure
    bash: ./configure: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

    Very many “^M” symbols.

    • mion says:

      …Shoot, I packaged the distro with CRLF line endings by mistake.
      Just updated the source code packages, you can redownload from the Releases page.

      Thanks for the heads up, archer.
      Uncle Mion