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Now entering Uncle’s domain

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

So I went & got a new domain for the Corner: :D

I’ve already updated all the internal links on this site, making sure that any or urls out there would still get where they need to go.  You can also use to get here, though I may turn that into a more general site for all my projects at some point.

As you may have noticed already, we’ve reconfigured the site for nicer-looking permalinks, but the old page-/post-number urls should redirect properly.  Definitely let me know if something’s broken.

I’ll be making some more WordPress tweaks to improve the user interface and adding some more helpful content, so stay tuned!  (Yes, yes, there will be a new release coming along too… along with bugfixes ^^; )

Update: I fixed the recaptcha on the comments form (oops…)

Update 2: I’ve added registration capability.  Those of you who’ve found that your comments don’t show up until much later (due to them getting caught in my spam filter) may have an easier time of it now, though I can’t be sure that the filter will be less picky for registered users…

Uncle Mion