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New, Umineko-friendlier ONScripter

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Hi again,

I wouldn’t normally make a new ONScripter-EN release (onscripter-en-20100309) so soon after the last one, but this one has a nice fix that removes the enormously long startup time for the Umineko games, so it seemed worth releasing right away.

Uncle Mion

ONScripter Fixups

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Once again, here’s an ONScripter-EN release (onscripter-en-20100307), this time with a number of bugfixes, optimizations, and plugged memory leaks, as well as a few more compilation/configure options – check the changelog for details.

There are also some compatibility fixes for a few novels in the al|together festival series, which I started testing after some prompting on the Bug Reporting page.

And lo, a new PONScripter release approaches on the horizon… but I must leave you in suspense for now.  Back to it!

Uncle Mion