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ONScripter release with nicer tools

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

The latest ONScripter-EN (onscripter-en-20091227) has some bugfixes and new features (like ‘m’ sound volume mute toggle), but mainly there’s a bunch of new ONScripter Tools and features for them.  Take a look at the Releases page.

A major new addition to the archive conversion tools is the option of providing a file-matching rules file, which allows telling how many cells/alphas an image has for the purposes of doing cleaner image resizing.  Look at this rules.txt for examples.

I’ll start providing rules files for various games on the Compatibility page as they become available (Umineko’s there already), so let me know if you get together a good set of file-matching rules for PDA-converting your favorite (O)NScripter games.

Uncle Mion

ONScripter release, now with tools!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Check the Releases page for the latest ONScripter-EN (onscripter-en-20091215), which now has a 64-bit Linux build, as well as ONScripter Tools, a set of programs for working with packaged (O)NScripter script files and archives.

The original Japanese ONScripter has provided these sorts of tools for some time, but I’ve finally got them built, updated and working with ONScripter-EN.

Oh, and with this ONScripter release, you can use the ‘f’ fullscreen toggle during movie playback, play XM/MOD files using the “play” command (instead of just MIDI), and provide a gameid via ‘ons.cfg’ or the command-line.

Now back to PONScripter!

Uncle Mion

ONScripter optimization release

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Okay, so I haven’t done the port to PONScripter yet.  Instead I did some more bugfixes and optimizations for ONScripter-EN, bringing it out of “beta” status.  Check out the new Release (onscripter-en-20091206), it should run much more smoothly than previous ones.

Uncle Mion