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New ONScripter release (2009-09-30)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

We just made a new release of ONScripter-EN: onscripter-en-20090930.

This release contains a few bugfixes, but primarily a new feature to allow specifying command-line options via a configuration file, “ons.cfg”, which should be placed in the same directory as the ONScripter application.  (On Mac OS X, the file can also be placed within the Resources directory of a bundled ONScripter.)

This example ons.cfg file shows the basic file format: one option per line, with the starting “--” removed, and a “=” between the option name and its argument if applicable.  Blank lines are ignored.

Uncle Mion


Friday, September 18th, 2009

Welcome to Uncle Mion’s ONScripter Corner!

Visit the Releases page for the latest version of ONScripter-EN.

Visit Insani’s NScripter site (for the time being) to find out more about NScripter and ONScripter, but please note that both languages have changed since the site was last updated.

The most up-to-date English command reference for NScripter and its clones is here: *NScr Command Reference