ONScripter Release 20110930 - Yakisoba!

Added by Mion over 4 years ago

Greetings! I come bringing new ONScripter-EN (20110930 'Yakisoba') \o/

It has major changes to the build and packaging system, updates to all libraries, and that Mac OS X fullscreen bugfix that the Lion users have been waiting for.


Uncle Mion

ONScripter-EN 20110930 "Yakisoba"

This release (see Downloads) ushers in some major changes to ONScripter-EN:

Updated Libraries

The external libraries for ons-en have been updated to the following versions:

  • SDL 1.2.14 (w/bugfix patches)
  • SDL_image 1.2.10
  • SDL_ttf 2.0.10
  • SDL_mixer 1.2.11
  • freetype 2.4.6
  • jpeg 8c
  • libpng 1.4.8
  • smpeg rev391 (w/bugfix patches)
  • libogg 1.3.0
  • libvorbis 1.3.2
  • bzip2 1.0.6
  • zlib 1.2.5

Hello onscrlib

In the process of wrestling with updates to the external library source code in "extlib", Roto created a new package management system: ONScripter Static Libraries (onscrlib). It's a much less painful way to update library packages while still controlling which versions are used and applying necessary patches.

Now that we've modified ons-en's build process to support onscrlib, there's little reason to keep the old "extlib" folders, and so we've removed them from the release (along with "win_dll" and "tools/libgnurx").

If you download both the onscripter-en and onscrlib source packages to the same folder and unpack them from there, you should be able to run ./configure and make in the usual fashion. Let us know if you have problems.

Farewell Subversion

Though we've been using Mercurial for our main development since early this year, we still maintained the Subversion repository in parallel. We are satisifed with Mercurial, and since this new release removes/changes a lot of files and will be depending on the separate onscrlib repository, we're ready to stop porting the ONScripter-EN releases from Mercurial to Subversion.

Who Wants Yakisoba!?

ONScripter-EN now uses codenames for major releases, primarily so we can label upcoming releases before we know their final date-based version number, but also because yum :) Look for more Japanese taste treats as development continues!

And so...?

What do all these changes mean for you ONScripter-EN users? Mainly bugfixes, but Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) users are definitely going to want this release if you like playing in fullscreen mode ;)

We can't be sure what the library upgrades will mean for all of you, so please let us know if you run into issues.

Note that we have removed support for MOD sound file playback (at least until we get the libmod working properly), and are also dropping PowerPC from the Mac OS X universal binary release (though it still supports intel machines as far back as OS X 10.4).


Binary Packages

Source Packages

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ONScripter Bugfix Release (20110413)

Added by Roto over 4 years ago

Hey all,

This new release of ONScripter-EN (20110413) fixes the "setCurrent" error-message bug you may have seen with Umineko. It’s also had some changes to the script parsing to do more NScripter-accurate handling of [pretext tags].

Uncle’s got some more fixes in mind for parsing and text handling, but this should do nicely for the time being.

I made sure to test on more games than Higurashi before cutting this latest release, but of course please let me know if I broke something again ;)

Uncle Mion

ONScripter-EN 20110413

This new release of ONScripter-EN (onscripter-en-20110413) fixes the setCurrent error-message bug you may have seen with Umineko. It’s also had some changes to the script parsing to do more NScripter-accurate handling of [pretext tags].


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